No Dicking around, this was a pretty good Fringe ep. It gave us a closer look at Shapeshifters, raising in the process questions about identity and morality. Torv has been faring much better as Olivia(s) lately, though I found her performance this week lacking in subtlety. Still, if an imposter replaced someone close to us, how would we know? How do we cope when someone we know well changes?

A few more questions after the cut, and (we hope) some discussion.

  • I found the idea of Walter with a well-financed research team amusing, and it could make his Amazing Weekly Breakthroughs seem more plausible. Given that the science in this show isn’t at all plausible, however, does anyone think they’re trading off some of the fun and comic-book coolness of Walter alone?
  • Is the trade worth it?
  • Will this-world Astrid ever have much to do that’s significant?
  • Given that we have a scientist supergenius and an agent who notices the significance of leftover pudding, does anyone else find it strange that no one thought of the “second brain” for so long? ‘Cause I went there right away.
  • Does Patricia’s reaction to the news that she’s been living with an imposter for a few years seem unbelievably restrained to anyone else?
  • Given what we now know about Shapeshifters, does anyone foresee a revolt or perhaps a turncoat helping our side out?
  • How long do you think the show will go before this-world Fringers realize they’ve got the wrong Olivia?