3 replies on “New “Two Towers” Trailer”

  1. teaser
    At this point it’s really just teasing me. I already knew I’d be at the opening night show on the best screen seconds after seeing the first so this can’t be drumming up many new viewers. Still I’m very excited. I can almost understand those people that wait in line for weeks to see starwars.

  2. w00t!!!
    ~drool~ ~drool~

    Okay, off to Target for some camping equipment, gotta stake out your place in line early, yanno. :)

  3. BTDT!
    Cool fun to play some more “Been there, done that” with the new scenes! The area that Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn are running over chasing the Orcs (tussock and large rocks, Central Otago) has some incredible tracks for biking (MTB). Bragging? – maybe. Proud of the movies and countryside? – Definitely!

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