“The Core” Delayed till Q1 2003

Paramount is delaying the release of the Sci-Fi action flick, The Core until the first quarter of 2003. They site post-production issues as well as the fact that fourth quarter of this year is already overloaded with genre material (not that I see this as a bad thing). Paramount already has Star Trek Nemesis in a tough spot with Two Towers and Harry Potter fighting for the same bucks.

4 replies on ““The Core” Delayed till Q1 2003”

  1. Don’t they understand.
    That we will see all three of these movies? Am I the only one that would have no problem seeing four different movies in a month? I always thought that I was kinda average. Really, it has nothing to do with how many other sci-fi moves are out at the same time, if the movie looks good, I will go see it. Do other people not judge movies on the movie itself but on what else is out?

    • Re: Don’t they understand.

      Do other people not judge movies on the movie itself but on what else is out?

      Joe Schmoe movie-goer doesn’t think that way and the studios try to play it safe by scattering premieres around. From what I’ve seen of “The Core,” it doesn’t look as good as any of the other genre films coming soon. My guess is that’s the main reason for the delay.

  2. The premise…
    … seems to be terrible for this movie. I’ve watched the trailer a couple of times, and it seems like it’s gonna make “Armageddon” (a movie I quite enjoyed) seem like a Physics class documentary. It may be okay, and I may have read the trailer wrong, but it seems like it’ll require quite the suspension of disbelief.

    • Re: The premise…

      …I may have read the trailer wrong…

      It’s not just you, I got the same gut feeling.

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