JMS off Superman and Wonder Woman

J. Michael Straczynski, who recently took over DC’s Superman and Wonder Woman with issues 700 and 600 respectively, is off of monthly comics for 1-5 years. New writers will take over using JMS’ outlines with issues 707 and 605 respectively. As JMS writes via his Fans of J. Michael Straczynski Facebook group:

As reported: with the huge success of the Superman GN, DC wants to fast-track the next one. This will require a great deal of care, requiring me to step back from scripting the monthlies to focus on this. Those stories will continue to their conclusion, based on my outlines. I’m also taking this opportunity to take a 1-5 year sabbatical from writing comics to concentrate on GNs and miniseries.

The aforementioned Superman GN was reviewed here.

Personally, although I’ve been enjoying his Superman and Wonder Woman work, I’m looking forward to this. JMS writes using long term plans, and shifting away from writing chapters with fixed page counts to the less restrained “write each story arc at its natural length” is likely to work very well with his particular style.