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  1. Gail to return?

    They seemed to be going to great lengths to have us understand the life story and mentality of Gail Raiden. Could this mean that they plan to bring her back later on this season? Or am I allowing myself to be blinded by wishful thinking? (She’s a nice character, with enough internal conflict that she could believably end up helping Angel, Connor, or Wolfram and Hart.)

  2. Not bad…
    Okay, how many more episodes are they going to do the one line cameo from Cordy at the end? Although the “What are you? Deficient? Get me out of here!” line was kind of cool.

    I have to admit that this was a great way to introduce a new character. And, I have to admit that I think “electrogirl”‘s power is kind of cool.

    Is it me or did they bring in a new character to add yet more road bumps in Angel and Cordy’s path?

    And what’s Wes up to? He seems to be going down the “dark hero” path. His motivations used to be fairly transparent but now who knows. Of course, his actions don’t really seem out of character given what’s happened to him recently. Anyone remember what a git he was when he first appeared on Buffy? But where is the thing with Lilah going? And what’s Angel going to do about it since he obviously knows?

    Fred’s little nervous breakdown was kind of vaguely amusing and possibly believable. What’s it got to do with the overall plotline though? Then again, it does indicate that she can handle high stress levels for only so long.

    I wonder what they’re fixing to throw at us as a villain this season. I mean, Wolfram and Hart is cool and all as a villain but somehow I don’t think the Lilah is really going to do anything particularly nasty. They seem to be better at interfering and getting there a “day late and a dollar short”.

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