Charmed Discussion – “Magic Wears a Mask”

The super hero spoof episode of Charmed is on tonight. Is there a reason to watch this besides seeing the ladies in leather?

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  1. I’ll let you know…
    I taped it. Since it’s my fiancee’s (And my) second favorite show after alias, they put us in a bad spot. thursday nights was great. we haven’t caught an episode yet this season (since the premier).
    look forward to the leather, though.

  2. Hmmm….
    Interesting to meet an elder but come on, who didn’t know the kid was going to be the new elder in the end? Of course, the elder saying “What do I care? I’m retiring.” was kind of cool and the bit where Leo stood up to him was interesting.

    I do have to admit that the goofball humour the writers are throwing into things is kind of nice. Like the obsessing about P3 not being the number one club and all.

    Just one thing bugged me though. The kid knew that ripping up the drawing would undo the transformation so why didn’t he take the picture of the sisters with him? Then again, I suppose he can be forgiven; he was rattled after all and probably not thinking straight.

    Now the bit with Cole zapping the slimeball landlord. Anyone else see that coming back to haunt people? And why was everyone so worried about the video tape actually being harmful? It’s not like it showed anything particularly believable, or for that matter identifiable. Then again, Cole has demonstrated previously that he tends to act first and think later.

    Now I just had a thought, not related to this episode specifically. Remember way back in season 1? When Leo was keeping his powers secret? It was supposed to be a huge no-no when Phoebe caught him levitating and he implored her to keep it a secret. Now why does everyone seem to know about Whitelighters? Did I miss an explanation somewhere? Or did the Elders change the policies? Or what? Or is it maybe a “rule” that gets broken regularly?

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