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  1. better
    It certainly wasn’t a broken jig-saw puzzle of flashes like the premiere, but that’s not saying much. It wasn’t very memorable, so much so that I’m having a tough time remembering it now :( It was just action+action. The only memorable part was the character ‘development’ between dylan and harper, but I thought we already did that last season.

    It’s a pity considering how good season 2 was. I think someone with the $$$ is making suggestions to get better ratings, looks like they have made a transition to episodic action thriller to attract new^H^H^Hbraindead viewers.

  2. Herculomeda
    It’s now official Andromeda Sucks

    The second show of the season is little better than the first. Dillon and Harper go off to find some shards of flass that when assembled make a magic vase that confers all the luck of the universe upon it’s owner. Blech!

    People die…Dilon has a run in with a guy named Zeus (oh puleeze!), a five minute scene in a restaurant with Dillon and Zeus exchanging witty reparte (except it isn’t) that ends with Dillon throwing a pie in someone’s face.

    A couple of fight scenes worthy of the best of the Batman TV series and at any moment I was waiting for ZAP! and POW! to appear across the screen. At the end of the episode Robin….uhhh I mean Harper…get a medel from Dillon because he steps in front of a gun that is pointed at Dillon.

    Ohhh and the vase…just joking…it wasn’t anything special to begin with and Dillon knew it all along…sorry dead guys.

    BAD writing….BAD acting…BAD plot…. just plain BAD BAD BAD!!!

    Best advice…skip Herculomeda…. instead watch…oh hell…go read a book.

    • Re: Herculomeda
      No wait…watch Scrubs on Thursdays at 8:30…it ain’t scifi but it’s damn good television….

    • Re: Herculomeda
      OK, now, it’s not that bad. Admittedly, naming the bad guy Zeus in an otherwise serious episode was a bit much. But the character interaction was pretty good. They’re setting up for an Andromeda vs The Restored Commonwealth, and that’s not so bad, either. And maybe it’s just me, but I got the impression that Dillon was lying about the vase. Witness the fact that Dillon has such unbeatable luck, which may be normal for a tv series, but they’ve explicitly referenced it in the show, as well. (At the heat death of the universe, there will be Tir Anasazi, the cockroaches, and Dillon Hunt, trying to save the cockroaches. Great line, even if I am misquoting a little.) I think that the vase really has some of the properties it is rumored to, but that only Dillon currently knows how to use it. Remember that he offered Zeus “instructions.”

      It’s not as good as previous seasons, yet, but it’s not dead and gone, either.

  3. see the shark, now jump

    i think we’re seeing the full-fledged weight of sorbo-control here. more action, less story. its all about hunt these days, while i found the other characters backstories and adventures much more entertaining, it seems that everyone else gets religated to one-dimensional support of the hunt-centric action-oriented plot now.

    i thought the first season was really good, and most of the second was acceptable… except for the lame time-travel-Trance-transformation.

    i’ll keep watching in case things get better, but right now i’ve got the same feeling as with Earth: Final Conflict where its getting almost too painfull to watch.

  4. The Split Screen crap has got to go.
    This new feature of ‘split screen’ where you see what all the people are doing at one time is really frickin annoying.

    Season one had 5 different windows going at the time, it was incredibly weird.

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