Star Wars on Blu-Ray in September

It’s official – September of this year will see the release of all of the Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray. Original trilogy and prequels. There’s even an offical trailer, below the cut, courtesy of ComicVine.

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  1. I really really have a hard time thinking of all 6 movies as some kind of coherent narrative, because it isn’t.

    I guess we won’t be getting the originals minus the stupid CGI edits either.

  2. Agreed. I already have the only three films I found worth seeing (sadly, on VHS), and don’t need to see Hayden Christensen revealed under Vader’s mask.

    Re-watch the Red Letter Media reviews of the prequels instead.

  3. What I would really love would be the ability to select in or out changes to the original trilogy. In reality I’d only leave out Han Shooting first and that Ridiculous young Anakin ghost at the end of Jedi.

    I know, the Jabba scene from Star Wars is pretty poor, but I have a soft spot for that scene since in was in the comic book of the movie.

    This’ll probably be the thing that make me finally get blu-ray (I originally opposed it on moral grounds due to the DRM since my DVR is Linux based, but now that the copy protection is broken).

    Although I can easily see myself not buying Episode I. Over time, my opinion of that one has fallen far. I think that from the middle of II and throughout III the prequels are OK. They’re not awesome like the original trilogy, but they’re not the worst movies ever made that people try to make them out to be.

  4. Wow, that must mean that Lucas has secretly made the much fabled 3rd trilogy on the sly exclusively for this blu-ray release.

    Or did you mean 6 disc complete saga? ;-)

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