Missed Caprica Last Night?

Several people (own beloved Dave included) had a DVR goof-up since some providers listed the episodes of Caprica as “reruns” and not as “new.” Technically, they have been run before, but not here in the US.

Fear not. SyFy is being benevolent and streaming the final five episodes on their website for free.


It’s nice, but if SyFy wanted to really be benevolent, they wouldn’t cancel the series. But let’s not split hairs.

4 replies on “Missed Caprica Last Night?”

  1. I heard about this on the TiVo boards, but I don’t watch Caprica so I didn’t think much of it.

    Looks like a number of people missed it due to the guide data “glitch” though since they did run elsewhere it’s not quite a glitch according to some guide data providers…


    Usually someone pings the urgent alerts thread for things like that (they have for other shows) but nobody did that this time.

  2. Watched the canadian airings when they came out.
    Syfy can lick my taint for being a bunch of twats.

  3. Watched the Final Five and I was fairly impressed by the way they were able to wrap things up. I think the whole Clarisse arc went too long and was overall a little light on plot. I think the ending with Lacy was a very good setup and lead-in to the next prequel series.

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