Weekly Digital Disc Picks – February 1, 2011

This is a week loaded with B-level titles, many of which are flicks of low visibility starring TV actors trying to fight typecasting with very different roles during the summer break. There’s also a lot of low-budget horror.

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
Airwolf: Season Four Amazon.com
A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop Amazon.com Amazon.com
A Wuxia remake of the Coen Brothers’ “Blood Simple” directed by Ziang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers).
Dirty Pair TV Part 2 rightstuf.com
Features the second half of the show’s first season.
Durarara!! Part 1 rightstuf.com
Alex: This was actually released last week, but I missed it as it was only available through RightStuf. This series has previously been reviewed.
Initial D: Second Stage Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
You’re Under Arrest: Fast And Furious Complete Collection Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
This is season 2 of the series.
Classics (Cult)
Death Hunt / Butch & Sundance: The Early Days Amazon.com
Highlander 2 Film Set Amazon.com
Blaine: This includes two films, as there was only one sequel. Really. Honest. There’s no “Highlander 3” or “Highlander 4” in existence. At all.
Shopping Amazon.com Amazon.com
Classics (Traditional)
TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: Lassie
Includes “Lassie Come Home,” “Son of Lassie,” “Courage of Lassie,” and “Hills of Home”
TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: Legends – Errol Flynn Amazon.com
Includes “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” “Adventures of Don Juan,” “Sea Hawk” and “Captain Blood.”
TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: Legends – John Ford Amazon.com
Includes “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,” “Wagonmaster,” “Cheyenne Autumn,” and “3 Godfathers.”
TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: Legends – Jean Harlow Amazon.com
Includes “Dinner at Eight,” “Libeled Lady,” “China Seas,” and “Wife vs. Secretary”
The Abbott and Costello Show: Who’s On First? Amazon.com
Lucky Lady Amazon.com
SNL: Tribute to Chris Farley Amazon.com
SNL: Tribute to John Belushi Amazon.com
Time Bandits Amazon.com
Tillman Story Amazon.com Amazon.com
10 Amazon.com
11 Harrowhouse Amazon.com
All About Eve Amazon.com
Bad Boys Amazon.com
The Sean Penn version from the 1980s, not the Will Smith version from the 1990s. They have the same title, but have nothing else in common.
Boys Don’t Cry Amazon.com
The Client List Amazon.com
Conviction Amazon.com Amazon.com
The Long Good Friday Amazon.com
Never Let Me Go Amazon.com Amazon.com
Ray Amazon.com
Blaine: This is on my must-see list.
Welcome to the Rileys Amazon.com Amazon.com
Alice in Wonderland DVD/Blu-Ray combo edition
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Amazon.com Amazon.com
Blaine: I can’t think of chihuahuas and not immediately think of Les Nessman. Damn the cost of original music! I want the rest of WKRP on DVD!
How To Train Your Dragon Amazon.com
Single disc edition this time
Pleasantville Amazon.com
This was reviewed several years ago.
Chain Letter Amazon.com Amazon.com
Hatchet II Amazon.com Amazon.com
Hell in a Cell 2010 Amazon.com
Let Me In Amazon.com Amazon.com
Monsters Amazon.com Amazon.com
I Spy: Complete Series Bundle Amazon.com
An Affair to Remember Amazon.com
You’ve Got Mail Amazon.com
Hurricane Season Amazon.com

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “To make up for my omission last week, and due to this being such a slow week, I’m picking Durarara Part 1, for reasons that are clear if your read the review.” Blaine says, “Alice in Wonderland is tempting, as is Pleasantville, both now on Blu-Ray.”

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  1. This is what I get for my birthday? Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2? Not even the ORIGINAL Beverly Hills Chihuahua?!?? Thanks a LOT Hollywood!!!

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