I don’t know how many of you recall Dark Shadows, the campy goth soap opera that kids ran home to catch from 1966-1971, and afterward in reruns. It took off when they added Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins, the only serious vampire in series television, in those long-ago days, before the undead were thrown about the mass media like sparkles at New Year’s. For a time, Dark Shadows staked its claim as the daytime tv ratings champion.

Tim Burton’s adaptation, big news at Comic-Con, starts shooting this spring. In addition to Johnny Depp as Collins, they recently announced Bond Girl Eva Green as Angelique.

The question….

….the original show’s success seems very much a product of a time and place. A couple of feature movies followed: House of Dark Shadows, which replayed the original Barnabas Collins storyline, but with twists the series never would have allowed, and Night of Dark Shadows. Novels appeared, and Gold Key published a successful comic-book which transformed the show’s vampire into a proto-Angel, fighting evil to atone for his past sins.

The “sexy” 1991 revival bombed. A 2004 pilot episode went nowhere. Can Burton and Depp– considerable talents with an uneven track record– bring this one back from the dead? Or have the shadows fallen forever on Collinwood?