Unsucking Star Trek V

Following the success of the Director’s Editions for the first two Star Trek films, Paramount may be looking at some serious work on the Fifth film in the series. According to TrekWeb, they may be putting in pieces that were storyboarded, but left out due to budget constraints.

This, of course, begs the question: How many new F/X shots are required to repair a painfully hideous plot and piss-poor acting?

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  1. waiting for the commentary
    I’d like to see these people justify themselves :)

    The best explanation I can come up with is ‘We were busy with TNG’ ;)

    • Re: waiting for the commentary

      I’d like to see these people justify themselves :)

      The best explanation I can come up with is ‘We were busy with TNG’ ;)

      Or worse, what Michael and Denise Okuda have to say in the text commentary.

  2. A long shot but……….
    I feel that Star Trek V is beyond hope but there is always a
    chace it can be helped along by a re-edit. Take Highlander 2 and
    its two versions. In the theatrical or “bean counter” version, the
    studio execs thought more people would understand the movie if
    the immortals were aliens. In the end this was stupid and just
    confused the hell out of everybody for years and did nothing to
    explain why the movies and series could co-exist and both be
    Then we get the “Renegade Version” directors cut and we find in
    it that the immortals are from the far distant hi-tech past and are
    banished into the future. This in turn helps everything make
    sence, because each immortal that is sent forward creates a new
    timeline and a new storyline.
    Some people are rooling their eyes right now, but when
    sometimes movies can be vastly improved if motivations and
    explinations are even slightly changed.

  3. Try the Spidey Solution…
    The only improvement I could think of would be Kirk’s death, with the Godlike creature (with a childlike wail that He had accidentally killed too early the toy bug (Kirk) that He was playing with) reaching down, scooping up some dirt, and making a CLONE Kirk to continue the struggle in STV , meaning of course that all subsequent Kirks in later movies wouldn’t be Kirk at all…

  4. Reediting

    1) Take out all the scenes with Sybock

    2) Take out all the scenes with “god”

    3) Take out 50% of the main cast’s dialogue scenes

    4) replace all removed scenes with CGI shots of the ship flying past

    I mean, how can they possibly reedit this movie into anything decent, when its the plot and script that ruined it?

    Also, I know this is speaking against the even-movie doctrine, but I really think that The Undiscovered Country was worse…

  5. How can you make it Better ???
    It’s been done!

    I saw a fantastic dubbed spoof of this movie a la MST 2000 at a SciFi con once. It was hilarious (!!) and far far better then the original could ever be.

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