Daredevil has director

Variety is reporting that David Slade will be directing the next Daredevil movie. I’ve voiced my hopes and concerns for the next installment elsewhere, and I sincerely hope Slade lives up to the challenge. I’ll be there opening night again, but my expectations will be much lower going in, thanks to the studio’s history of adapting Marvel properties.

2 replies on “Daredevil has director”

  1. Great article at the link.

    I liked the film a little more than you did, but as a generic superhero film. You’re quite right. The character has potential that the film doesn’t bother to mine.

  2. Looking at Slade’s resume, I can’t say I’m overly enthusiastic about this project.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the first movie, but then, I’m not a huge fan of Daredevil either. There’s some great stunt work to be mined from the source material, but I don’t know if it has the same depth as other Marvel properties.

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