William Shatner Turns 80!

Holy hairpieces! Not only active, but thriving as he crosses the 80-year-old mark. Bill, you may be a ham, but we’ll always love you. Happy Birthday.

In tribute, some of the great moments of Shatner.

Why we explore…

Breaking new ground…

Never left speechless…


What it means to be Captain of a little ship called Enterprise


And how could I leave off…

3 replies on “William Shatner Turns 80!”

  1. Jethro says:

    Headline should read:

    William! Shatner! Turns! 80!

  2. J_W_W says:

    Well, he’s following Spock’s advice pretty well.

    Live long – check!
    Prosper – check!

    He seems to be having a lot of fun and truly embraces his role in pop culture

  3. JD DeLuzio says:

    How could we leave out….

    Not only a great captain and role model– but Rebecca Black has nothing on the Shat.

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