Movie Review: “Carrie” (2002 Version)

In a subtle attempt to deflect attention away from “Enterprise,” here’s something else to whine about.

Carrie (2002)

Cast & Crew

Directed by David Carson
Writing credits: Bryan
(screenplay) and Stephen

Angela Bettis as Carrietta
‘Carrie’ N. White
Patricia Clarkson
as Mrs. Margaret White
Emilie de Ravin as
Christine ‘Chris’ Hargensen
Rena Sofer as Miss Rita
Jasmine Guy as Ruby Moore
David Keith as Detective
John Mulcahey
Kandyse McClure as
Sue Snell

Original Release Date

November 4, 2002 (NBC)


Carrie White, an introverted teen with a very religious mother, finds herself
the victim of a nasty prom night prank.


Who hasn’t seen the original? Well you need to to understand this version.
There aren’t too many surprises since it’s told in retrospect. The director
seems like he expected you to know what was going on in the original and this
one just fills in the blanks (i.e. uses more of the book). They spend nearly
45 minutes flashing up to the bucket, as if to say “Ooooh. You know what
happens next, right? Right?”

High Point

Miss Desjarden’s chastisement of the girls in the locker room. Why couldn’t
I have teachers like that?

Low Point

My guess is this was meant as a TV pilot because the ending leaves you a bit
underwhelmed and feels unfinished.

The Scores

Originality: It would be too easy to say “Oh another teen angst flick,”
but “Carrie” is the original. 5

Effects: Really sloppy CG effects. Obviously pulled together on a shoestring
budget. 2

Story: This is still one of King’s best books. 5

Acting: Angela Bettis is Carrie. Right down to off-kilter eyes. Most
of the teen girls are suitably bitchy, and the adults are all good as well.

Emotional Response: They let you know what’s coming way too soon. Nothing really
shocks you. 3

Production: Nice work here, but it’s not hard to pull off. What was best was
the White’s home. Dark, sparse and eerie. 4

Overall: A good attempt, but it falls flat on TV. In a post-Columbine world,
this does a bit more edge however. 4

Total: 25 out of 42