Justice League of Hollywood?

Marvel finally got their act together and introduced continuity into their films, with the Avengers movie now in sight. Seems DC wants to do the same. Of course, that might mean rebooting Batman…


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  1. Why do they feel they need to reboot Batman? We have a good Batman series. Everyone knows who Batman is. Just do a few more superhero movies and put them together. So what if the approach to Batman in his own movies is a lil different from the approach to the JLA flick? People will watch it for what it is, and if its any good, they’ll turn out in droves.

    • A lot of sources are quoting it as a reboot, but Warner Bros’ original release said they’d need to “reinvent” Batman, meaning that Nolan’s take was so distinctive that they’d need a different approach, even if Nolan continues to produce. This is similar terminology (hopefully with better results) to when Schumaker reinvented the Tim Burton version.

  2. I think that’s code for “the current Batman actor wants too much money to star in a movie with an ensemble, so we’ll reboot with someone cheaper.”

    And why wouldn’t he want more money? He’s the goddamn Batman.

    • No, only the Frank Miller Batman is the goddam Batman, I they better goddam not let the goddam Frank Miller anywhere near another goddam superhero movie, especially one involving the goddam Justice League. Goddamnit. Doesn’t have the Spirit for it.

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