Is Transformers 3 a Bigger Mess Than 2?

Yesterday, Paramount rolled out the latest trailer from the third movie in the series. I enjoyed the first movie. No, it wasn’t high art, but it was fun. The second film, as most critics felt, was a loud and obnoxious mess. I agree. (And I will never get certain parts of Devastator’s anatomy out my head!)

Now we get a good look at number three, and frankly, I can’t make any sense of it. When did Transformers become a Roland Emmerich-style apocalypse? I understand, giant robots doing battle is far from believable, but the scale of this seems…wrong.

The trailer is embedded below. Am I being overly harsh? Are my expectations too high? Do I just need to get over it? I’ve never been one of those “So-and-so raped my childhood” guys. But…Enough is enough Mr. Bay.

4 replies on “Is Transformers 3 a Bigger Mess Than 2?”

  1. Well, the first one might be the worst film I’ve ever seen, so nothing the third one can do would surprise me.

    Well, except for it actually being good. Which it doesn’t seem like it is.

  2. Looks like it has the same problem as the first movie: it’s not Transformers, and has nothing to do with them. Looks like it might be a fun nonsensical summer blockbuster spectacle for people who (a) don’t know anything about the Transformers, and (b) just want to watch stuff blowing up. Which it looks like this does well.

    I never watched the second because the first one was so wrong. I loved the Transformers too much to enjoy these movies. These are obviously made by people who know the source material only vaguely and don’t really care about it. :(

    This is one case where I’m hoping for a reboot down the road…

  3. I’ll say I enjoyed the first half of the first movie. The suspense and buildup were awesome. THEN they slapstick started and it went downhill from there. The 2nd was a horrid mess. A friend dragged me to the theatre to watch it, and… I fell asleep at the end. I really did. My friend chastised me for it, he said how could I sleep through such fantastic action. I was just BORED, man. I am not seeing the third one at all. Sorry Michael Bay, you suck.

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