Wonder Woman Cancelled; Smallville dead.

Later this week, we may have an actual review of the Smallville finale, if we can find someone on staff masochistic enough to write it. Meanwhile, we can discuss two hours that make Superman III and IV look coherent and memorable.

In a possibly related story, we will at least be spared the disastrous-looking Wonder Woman tv show.

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      • The bar has been set low for genre finales.

        (I admit to liking two things: Granny Goodness and– sort of– the last few minutes).

        The rest: I felt like I was watching a film made from rejected director’s notes. Also– Lex has no memory? Odd sort of character development….

        • Yeah, Lex losing his memory bugged me, particularly with that great scene earlier with Lex and Clark in the ruins of the Luthor mansion. Also, I would have liked to have gotten a little more mention of the JSA, The Martian Manhunter, and so on in this episode.

  1. Jumping in without reading comments: I will review the finale. I follow through iTunes now that I’ve cancelled my cable, so the review may not be until next weekend (as I probably can’t download it until Monday and may not have time to watch it until Friday) but it will come for sure. I’ll come back and read comments here when I’m no longer afraid of spoilers.

    • Hey fiziko,

      You’re in Canada aren’t you? How long have you been without cable and how has it been? I’ve been wanting to cut mine for some time but we don’t get access to Hulu or the HBO online thingy so I’m finding the pickings to be pretty slim. Unless I pirate of course, something I REALLY don’t want to do. Going local digital doesn’t get me NBC, ABC, or FOX either.

      Netflix Canada, though good, doesn’t really meet the standard of the US side.

      I’m just curious :)

      Sorry in advance for de-railing the thread!

      • I cut my cable in February, and the only time I’ve missed it was on Oscar night. I use a combination of Netflix and iTunes, both streamed to my theater room screen via PS3 and/or Apple TV. I find that Netflix has less selection than the US counterpart, but it’s still adding content I want to watch faster than I can make time to watch it, which keeps me quite happy. Beyond that, iTunes covers the bulk of the rest. I don’t currently watch any HBO or Showtime titles, so the only show I’d like to check out but can’t currently access is Dexter. I also think it may be a hindrance a bit this fall, as I can’t check out certain shows that way without buying or renting them first, which will make sampling new shows a bit of a challenge. CTV and Global at least have time shifting on their websites, sometimes with the shows on major US networks, so I’ll be looking into those for sure. Finally, keep in mind that I’m the kind of person who feels any show worth watching is worth owning, so the iTunes season pass rates simply replace the Blu-Ray/DVD purchases. In the case of BBC shows (Doctor Who and Sherlock, for example) the iTunes prices are significantly less than the prices on the physical product.

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