Game of Thrones – Midpoint Discussion

Sorry gang, I am PROFOUNDLY behind in my reviews on this show and just recently caught up on the last three episodes in one day.

I wanted to through out a discussion article to see what everyone thinks of the series now that we’re five episodes in and have five more to go before the end of Season One (not to fear kids, HBO has already signed on for another season).

For my part, I am loving the series. Very close to the books, with a few tweaks for the television audience. There are a few changes that irk me, but I’ll live. They are still driving the story forward at an accelerated pace and we’re just hanging on for the ride.

But enough of my fanboy gushing, do share your opinions.

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  1. I haven’t read the books, and the only problem i find with that is that all those who have read the books pollute the boards all over the internet and go on endlessly about the books – instead of shutting up and talking about whats on the screen.
    I also dislike the frequently snotty comments about something being exposition or that ghastly expression “info dump” – i mean SHUT UP ABOUT THAT (not you Brian) – I haven’t read the damn books, to me its interesting and fascinating – not something i want supposed to fans to sneer at.

    I haven’t read the books, and i love the show – its of a brilliance we almost never see on TV anymore (if ever?) The only bad thing really, is that there are only 10 episodes – there should be many more as far as I am concerned.
    Oh well, perhaps next year.

    • Good perspective from a non-reader (of the books, not in general, I hope). There are info-dump moments because what’s handled over several chapters in the book, needs to be “dumped” in one moment of dialogue (or monologue in some cases).

      Yes, there are those that need to shut up and just enjoy. I learned that a while back with Hitchhikers (radio vs book vs TV vs movie) and Harry Potter (book vs movies). These are different versions NOT THE SAME THING. Just enjoy it for what they are.

      As a fan of the books, I’m actually at a disadvantage as I know who will live and who will die. Non-readers (sorry, but I can’t think of a better term right now) actually have the chance to be shocked and surprised.

    • Sorry if I’m offending you by continuing the discussion of the books.

      I’ve started reading the first one after catching the first 2 episodes of the series. I’m almost caught up to the point where the show is now. I have to say the writers of the show have done a fantastic job of condensing the story and plot beats up till now. There are, in my opinion, very minor changes betweeen the two up till now and all of them have been to the benefit of the story and scene structure.

      I get why they introduce Kal Drohgo like they did, or why they shifted some dialogue to different characters, and even why they quickened the pace of some of the sublots. This is the best treatment of a novel I’ve ever experienced. Nothing feels shoe-horned.

      The story is gripping and the acting is wonderful. I’m loving the mystery right now and I honestly can’t say I know what’s going to happen next. The writing is very tight.

      Here’s hoping for many more seasons.

  2. I just finished reading book 4, and loved the books.

    I’m also loving the adaptation. It’s astonishingly faithful, and doesn’t seem to have changed anything that actually matters. The essence is there, so I’m not going to worry about anything else. I’m hugely impressed with the casting and sets and overall production, and couldn’t wait until we got to see the Eyrie.

    I wasn’t disappointed.

  3. The wife and I haven’t read the books, but have loved the show. We haven’t watched this week’s, but probably will tonight once we get the teen to go to bed.

    I doubt either of us have time to go back and read the books, but this show certainly had us enjoying the story. Our biggest complaint so far as been that there’s too many characters for us to keep up with, but that makes sense since it was coming from a series of books. We’ve got the major ones, it’s one or another of the dark haired scraggly men from Winterfell that we lose track of.

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