“Welcome Home Endeavour”

In a very cool looking night landing, the youngest ship in the fleet, the Endeavour, comes to rest at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Next month, Atlantis will be making the final shuttle flight to resupply the ISS as well as experiment with in-space refueling, a concept necessary for manned space travel to move beyond the Earth and Moon. She was rolled out onto the launch pad yesterday, watched by over 8000 NASA personnel and onlookers.

2 replies on ““Welcome Home Endeavour””

  1. It a travesty that there is only 1 more shuttle flight and yet there is nothing to replace them with.

    I remember as a child being awed by the first shuttle launches. Its a big part of why I’m an engineer.

    Politicians can talk all they want about getting kids interested in science and technology, but folding on a crown jewel of science and technology (and exploration) like the manned space program says more about attitudes towards math and science and technology than anything else they do or fund….

  2. As Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, says – “I’d say Welcome Home, but the ground is not a spaceship’s home.”

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