Things are starting to look up, particularly for British mystery fans.

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
Battle: Los Angeles DVD Blu-Ray/DVD combo, Blu-Ray only
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen Regular DVD, Special Edition DVD DVD/Blu-Ray Combo, Special Edition Blu-Ray
Alex: Another martial arts film based around Chen Zhen, the martial artist featured in the films “Fist of Fury” and “Fist of Legend” but with a “Once Upon A Time In China” level of over-the-top action.
Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Complete Series DVD/Blu-Ray combo from, DVD/Blu-Ray combo from DVD/Blu-Ray Limited Edition from, DVD/Blu-Ray Limited Edition from
The Limited Edition comes in an chipboard art box.
Demon King Daimao Complete Collection,,
Fanservice-heavy romantic comedy with occult undertones.
Fruits Basket,
Alex: Only the adaptation of one of the most successful Shojo manga of all time. Blaine: What’s Shojo?
Last Exile: The Complete Series,
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Student Council Saga,
Art House
Insignificance (Criterion Collection)
The Makioka Sisters (Criterion Collection)
Classics (Cult)
Classics (Traditional)
The Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son DVD Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital copy combo
Hall Pass DVD DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital download combo, Blu-Ray only
Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs
The Vanishing of the Bees
Boondock Saints: Truth and Justice Edition
Prozac Nation
Happiness Is… Peanuts: Snoopy’s Adventures
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Ultimate Edition)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Ultimate Edition)
Have a Laugh 3
Blaine: The runtime indicates this is a set of 10 Disney shorts, but there’s no indication of which ten they are.
Have a Laugh 4
Haven: The Complete First Season
Based on “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King
Red Riding Hood Theatrical cut DVD Alternate cut Blu-Ray/DVD combo, theatrical cut Blu-Ray
Supernatural: Season Two
First time on Blu-Ray. Now all seasons are available on Blu-Ray.
Music / Musical
Eurovision Song Contest
Alex: Witness the train wreck right in your own home! Thrill… at the sight of the Irish twins with no rhythm! Shudder… at the Russian singer who tries to out-creepy “Every Breath You Take”! No one will be admitted during exciting voting tabulation scene!
Classic Sherlock Holmes Collection
Blaine: Nine movies (five based on Doyle’s work, judging by titles) and 39 episodes of the TV series.
Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Bell and Mr. Doyle
Blaine: A story about Arthur Conan Doyle and a mentor created for this BBC series.
The Glades: Season One
Sgt. Cribb: The Complete Series
The Snoop Sisters: The Complete Series
Jackass 3.5: The Unrated Movie
Science Fiction
Doctor Who: Frontios (Story 133; Peter Davison)
Doctor Who: Time and the Rani (Story 148; Sylvester McCoy’s first)
Heavy Metal
Johnny Mnemonic
Point Break
Yellow Rose: The Complete Series

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “While I haven’t seen Utena yet, so I don’t feel confident putting it as my pick, it is definitely going into my Netflix Queue, as is Legend of the Fist. However, I have seen Last Exile, which is undoubtably the best animated series to come out of Gonzo, and gets my whole-hearted reccomendation, and is my pick of the week.” Blaine says, “of the titles I’ve seen, upgrade Supernatural or Harry Potter. Of those I haven’t seen, go with classic Doctor Who.”