8 replies on “American Gods and Major Matt Mason to small and big screens”

  1. I would gladly sign back up for HBO if they actually move forward with the American Gods series in that format (especially if they keep it up for all 6 planned seasons).

    I haven’t been watching Game of Thrones but I guess it must be doing well if they’re looking to option other books into series. Between that and True Blood they have apparently discovered a good market.

  2. So, is this Major Matt Mason with a retro Space-Age setting and the aliens? That would be kinda awesome, if they did it right.

  3. Sigh – Major Matt Mason. I have some weird memories about this toy. My mom and dad got me a MMM for Christmas, and not only did they get me the doll, er, action figure, they also got me the Space Crawler too. Which was pretty neat for about three minutes becasue it had a motion that no other toy has had before or since. In the fourth minute, tho, the whole thing just seemed very SILLY to me. I was 13, interested not only in NASA but girls as well. Couldn’t Mom and Dad see that I’d left such silliness behind – oh, six months or so ago?

    Ah, the angst. Silly me.

  4. Oh man, an American Gods show is going to suuuuuck. No way will they do those characters justice.

    The big hook is the mystery behind the main character – that worked great in written form but how are they going to pull it off on TV?

    Dialing my expectations down on this one.

  5. Given that they have changed up True Blood quite a bit from the source material, I don’t imagine it will be exactly faithful, but even the premise alone is worth exploring here.

    If this were going to be on network TV, I would be worried, but I think (hope?) that HBO will do right by it.

    They could do an entire season alone on Lakeside.

    It has just enough mystery, weirdness/quirkiness, etc, that it seems like something HBO would be all over.

    • The potential is there. Indeed, one of my problems with the original novel, as much as I like it, is its overly rambling, episodic nature. This flaw (as I saw it) lends itself to loose adaptation to series television.

      I’m hopeful. This has a greater chance of succeeding than the live-action Sandman series so many have dreamed about.

      (Major Matt Mason, on the other hand, strikes me as a really odd choice, but it could work. Seems forty years too late).

      • I always dreamed (pun intended) of a Sandman animated series on a mature network like HBO. They did a decent job with Spawn considering how dumb those storylines were.

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