The Next Big Thing from J.K. Rowling is the newest project from the uber-queen of the literary world. Billed as an interactive version of the original story where “you” get play a part.

It’s a little light on details and it won’t open until October, but Rowling went on YouTube early this morning to give us some information.

Also of note: The site will be exclusive place to buy the eBook version of the series. I hope they make them compatible with Kindles and Nooks.

For more on the project, check out the video from the author herself.

7 replies on “The Next Big Thing from J.K. Rowling”

  1. In other words, the sales of the books must be slipping so she’s got to find a way to keep that massive revenue stream rolling in.

    I’m surprised she hasn’t gone back on that promise not to write any more books, or at least skirted it by writing prequels or using a new set of characters.

  2. She could do something like what Orson Scott Card did with the Ender series and write about the same story, just from a different character’s perspective. Say like write it from Dumbledore’s perspective.

    • Dumbledore knew too much. I’d find that boring. There’s also the problem of the “reveals” and knowing how tortured Harry was; it’s hard to write that story and still make Dumbledore an empathetic character. Also, you wouldn’t learn how it all ends.

      Now, if she wrote it from the perspective of Draco Malfoy, I’d definitely be interested. He, like Harry, has incomplete information, but he’s getting it from the other side. He struggled a lot with right and wrong in the series. I think he’d make an interesting lead.

        • Or like HBO’s Oz and make Az about the inside of Azkaban.

          A collection of various short stories from all of these types of scenarios would probably be better than any one of them drawn out into an entire series.

      • Once upon a time (like before book 7 was out) she had mentioned telling the story from Dean Thomas’ perspective. Supposedly he had his own adventures in parallel with Harry. In particular, he has a lot of action in Book 7 “off screen.”

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