FireFly Canceled

rickyjames writes, The Friday the 13th USA Today has an article on revisions to network TV schedules that shows Firefly as officially canceled. This goes along with messages on fan sites quoting the cast and crew:

Site here. There were three submissions of this, but this one came in first. This won’t prevent me from reviewing every episode they air. Also, just to be clear, Fox has agreed to air every episode they’ve ordered, but they won’t be ordering any more.

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  1. We should seriously boycott Fox
    Or send them a Cease and Desist:

    “You are hearby ordered to cease your practice of producing and cancelling compelling shows. Your past history of Futurama, Dark Angel, Harsh Realm, Space: Above and Beyond, and the newly cancelled Firefly point to your obvious desire to tease and disappoint intelligent viewers”

  2. I am waiting for the day…
    When I can order an individual show for a reasonable price and watch it. That way I can vote with my money. It’s the only language these idiots know. And the current system completely ignores me. I’m not a Neilson household, so I don’t count. It wouldn’t even matter if I decided to spend my entire paycheck on whatever the advertise during Firefly comercials, becuase nobody knows I watch them. I can only agree with the above poster…

  3. Damn you rickyjames
    Damn youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    ok, so I’m not really a shoot the messnger type of guy. but tonights episode was really good. and we get a two hour firefly “event” next week (the so called original pilot?). And this is what I see?

    is UPN our only hope? Sci-Fi channel? isn’t there anybody who might be able to pick up this show?

    and who do I see about de-damning rickyjames?

    • Re: Damn you rickyjames

      is UPN our only hope? Sci-Fi channel? isn’t there anybody who might be able to pick up this show?

      I have no idea about UPN, but remember SciFi is trying to get away from “space shows” and they enjoy canceling good shows in favor of what looks to be utter crap.

  4. Firefly: Immediate Assistance Needs Your Help!
    I’m sure most of you probably saw this already, but just in case (from and

    Firefly: Immediate Assistance Needs Your Help!

    As you may have heard, FOX will not be ordering new episodes of “Firefly.” But we’re not giving up that easily!

    Joss & Co. are hoping to persuade UPN to buy the show — and we want to help. Visit to download a sheet of postcards that feature the Variety Ad. Print the document out on cardstock, cut them into fours and mail them to:

    Les Moonves
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    3rd floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff
    President, Entertainment (CEO)
    United Paramount Network
    11800 Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    On the back, let them know how much you enjoyed the show while it was on FOX, and how eager you are for it to find a home with UPN. Keep things upbeat and positive, so they’ll know what classy fans Joss and his crew will be bringing to the network! Some ideas for things to mention: your favorite episode, why the show moves you, why you think the show has potential, etc.

    Our two catchwords now are: VOLUME and SPEED. We need a lot of postcards on their desks really damn fast.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Appropriate reaction
    I’d properly express my outrage at this, but I don’t know how to swear in Mandarin.

  6. Okay, Now My Weekend Is Officially Shitty.
    And Just When It Was Good. Hell, Firefly Was Having A Better Season That Buffy Was, And Everyone Know How Much Of A Buffy Fan I Was.

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