Discussion: “Cowboys and Aliens” and “Smurfs”

That would be an interesting film– “Cowboys and Aliens and Smurfs.” Harrison Ford would definitely have my okay to shoot first at the little blue monstrosities.

We don’t have a Cowboys and Aliens review ready for this weekend, so here’s a place to discuss the film, which has opened to substantial box-office.

Below, find the bonus surprise trailer to another mix-genre film we suspect will sink….

If Battleship succeeds not only will we see even less creativity from Hollywood, but reviewers across the country will be required to write, “it’s a hit!”

3 replies on “Discussion: “Cowboys and Aliens” and “Smurfs””

  1. Cowboys and Aliens… well, I must be getting old or something, because that just invokes a big, what in the hell was Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig thinking when then got involved in this…

    As for the Smurfs, I am sure the target audience, my children will love it.

    Redbox for both of these though.

  2. My first reaction on seeing the C&A trailer was, “Man, those guys must be having a blast!” How often do they get to ham it up like that, with all those over-the-top poses and Significant Looks? :)

    As for the trailer, the “Battleship” game has so little to it that making a movie out of it is actually a pretty creative endeavour. (And from that trailer, they even managed to apply generous amounts of creative license…)

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