International Space Station to be Abandoned?

Due to problems with Soyuz rockets– currently, the only transportation available– the International Space Station may have to be abandoned temporarily this autumn for this first time in its history.

Video below:

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    • Um, what about the ESA? They’ve already got two ATVs (the Jules Verne & the Johannes Kepler) to the ISS successfully and are in the process of obtaining more. I guess that process isn’t far enough along that one could be expedited to fill the gap until the next Progress is able to fly.

      Why am I reminded of the line from “Armageddon” where the NASA engineer proudly claims that “This is NASA. We do *everything* in duplicate!” Not anymore you don’t… :(

      • It’s not supplies that cause the problem. The Soyuz spacecraft is only rated for 6 months or so in orbit – so the two they have docked at the station need to come down in October and November, respectively. They keep the soyuz there as a lifeboat – the astronauts can escape and come home at will, if needs be.

        Typically, a new crew comes up in their new soyuz, and the old one goes back home in the old soyuz. If there is no new soyuz, then there is no new crew – and the old crew is coming home with their ride, as no one will risk leaving them up there without a way home.

        Is there any chance of man-rating the Progress spacecraft?

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