TheAngryMob’s 2002 in Review

Well, here we are at year’s end. Another 365 days gone and what have we to
show for it? Well some good, some bad. And here’s my take:

Best New Genre Television Show

While Firefly is indeed a close second, John Doe gets
my praise. Fresh and alternately freaky and funny, this show reminds of my high
school days when I was a read Sherlock Holmes with a voracious appetite. We
tune in every week for just the tiniest clue as to John’s past. Let’s hope it

Worst New Genre Television Show

Without a doubt, pause or hesitation: Birds of Prey. Horribly
written, terribly acted, this show demonstrates the worst in comic book transitions.

Best and Worst Returning Television Show

Say it with me now kids: Enterprise. Few shows are as inconsistent
as the latest entry into Trek lore. Horribly managed, this show, while promising,
has squandered much of its potential. Is there hope? Well, I’m willing to stay
along for the ride, even if it’s out of morbid curiosity.

Best Genre Film

While I’m sure The Two Towers probably deserves this award, it’s A)
Really just a continuation of a larger film, and B) I haven’t seen it yet, so
I’m giving top praise to Spider-Man. Few comic-to-film transitions
have captured the complete feel of the original material. And certainly none
have done it better than Sam Raimi’s masterpiece. The writing is smart, the
acting is spot-on (anyone else think a special Oscar for Willem Dafoe’s performance
is in order?), and the special effects were awesome.

Worst Genre Film

I secretly think that if George Lucas could replace humans on film altogether,
he would. Because Attack of the Clones shows nothing but contempt
for actors. The entire middle third of the film is so utterly boring and the
dialogue so painfully banal, is it any wonder why we’re not all aquiver with
anticipation for Episode III?

Smartest Industry Move

Goes to the WB for mercy killing Birds of Prey. Why they greenlit
this thing in the first place is beyond me.

Dumbest Industry Move

Fox‘s shortsighted move to, first, not air the original pilot of Firefly,
and second, for canceling it altogether. Hey morons, wonder why people had a
hard time warming up to the show? It couldn’t have been your fault. Heavens
no. Maybe UPN could get next years’ Smartest award by snagging the show. Or
WB could get two in a row by using Firefly to fill in that newfound gap
in their Wednesday lineup.

Best Marketing

While the movie lacked punch, the marketers for the DVD of Attack of
the Clones
knew what did work in that film. Who da man? Yo da man!

Worst Marketing

Nothing’s more embarrassing to the industry than a Sci-Fi film that pretends
it isn’t. But such was the case for the early trailers of Solaris.
Unless you knew about the film from other sources, you could’ve walked into
the theaters and gotten a big surprise, expecting some strange love story. But
by god you knew who starred in it and produced it.

Here’s a hint to the uneducated: When a trailer says little about the film,
and a lot about the stars, director, producer, etc., avoid it like the plague.
Big hint: If the phrase “from the {$person-name} who brought you {$someother-film-name},”
is used; run like the wind.

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2003

  • Better episodes of Enterprise. I’ve got to hang on to hope.
  • Ang Lee’s The Hulk. Just love the green guy.
  • Nightcrawler in X-Men 2.
  • The Return of the King. ‘Nuff said.
  • Someone picking up Firefly. Yeah, more hope.

Well, that’s it for me. I hope everyone has an awesome new year! See you on
the other side!