Star Wars Blu-Ray Features Further Tinkering

Greedo still shoots first in Blu-Ray, but the forthcoming releases will feature quite a few other changes.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the Star Wars Blu-ray will feature even more changes to the films. Video and commentary may be found here and here, and we’ve embedded some real (and one fake) changes from Youtube:

And finally, something not particularly SFW:

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  1. I understand George Lucas wants to perfect his vision, but I do wonder sometimes if the optician got his prescription wrong. Giving blinking to the Ewoks, fine, it’s a tiny little detail that makes them look a little more like real living beings. Making Artoo look like he’s actually hiding in the rocks rather than the sand people being the most useless raiders ever, that makes a certain amount of sense too.

    Actually all I care about is that they get the colours right this time. And the A New Hope sound mix! If they do, I might even buy it, but I’m waiting for the reviews. I don’t want another set of unwatchable Star Wars DVDs on my shelf.

    But that Krayt dragon call? Awful. Awful! And Han shot first! I don’t care what the video says now, it’s just a conspiracy by the New Republic government to give him greater diplomatic legitimacy.

    • I understand George Lucas wants to perfect his vision, but I do wonder sometimes if the optician got his prescription wrong.

      Great line.

      Yeah, I guess I can see the addition of details (the sword-crossing error corrected, in case anyone cared, or the blinkin’ ewoks). I like the enhanced effects, and Empire really didn’t get damaged by the addition of better views of the city.

      But Lucas needs to let well enough alone. Yes, I find the Canonical Stupid Changes annoying, and, as Red Letter Media said, his new aesthetic consists of shoving as much sh!t as possible into the frame. That’s not what made Star Wars fun viewing, a long time ago, in a theater far far away.

  2. Mebbe once Lucas has sold as many Blu-Rays as he can, he’ll offer the interactive “program-yer-own” version of Star Wars.

    I might buy that.

    • So would I. I was hoping the Blu-rays would solve that.

      It is a complete misunderstanding of Han’s character in Star Wars to require that Greedo shoot first. It was an awful change. Its frustrating to see Lucas’ complete resistance to changing it back to what it should be.

      Actually that’s the only change that really bugs me, ok scratch that, young Anakins ghost at the end of Jedi, that bugs me too.

      I so much want to see these movies on blu-ray, but I’m not as excited as I was because of some of these changes.

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