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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trivia

Love it or hate it, we’re got the first movie of the sequel trilogy this week.

Hey gang, I’m your host, Brian Rollins and this week, we’ve got Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trivia on tap. The new movies were divisive to say the least. But we covered the other six movies in the Skywalker saga, so it only stands to reason we hit Episodes 7-9.

As always, it’s three rounds of ten questions each. I ask the questions, you get a timer, and then we settle up. Sound good? Great. Then let’s get started.

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Jurassic Park Trivia

Welcome to the first episode of Season Five! It’s episode 214 of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast. I’m your host Brian Rollins and we’re starting things off with a roar and covering the Jurassic Park Franchise including all six movies.

That’s right, this season we’re going back to movies, books, comics, and whatnot for our topics. Got a suggestion for a topic? Great, let me know at We’ve done a few suggested topics in the past and I have a few scheduled this season. That said, I don’t have the entire season mapped out yet, so there’s room if you’ve got a good idea.

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