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The best SciFi/Fantasy you’ve never seen on the screen

bluestrain writes, Sci/Fi and Fantasy has long had the tradition of the epic. My definition of epic is a sweeping story line with lots of characters, battles, good, evil, politics, and religion. Some of my favorites have made either the big screen (Dune, Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings) or the small screen (Dune again.) I first read C.J. Cherryh’s Downbelow Station many years ago and wondered if could ever be adapted for a movie. I came to the conclusion a movie couldn’t do it justice and a mini-series couldn’t pull off the effects. Times have changed. Eye-popping effects are commonplace and a cast of thousands or a fleet of a thousand spacecraft can be assembled digitally. Maybe someday I’ll be there for the premiere of Downbelow Station. What work of SF or fantasy have you always wanted to see in a darkened room with a big tub of popcorn?