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Teaching Tidbit – Common Number Sets

I’m continuing my conversion of our educational content into YouTube format. I’ve moved from digital whiteboards to slideshows. The whiteboards work well in the classroom when I’m teaching at school, as they force me to move slowly enough for students to keep up when taking notes, but on YouTube, they make things slower and less neat. People who choose to take notes can pause at any time.

“Teaching Tidbits” coming to YouTube

Those who have been around for a while, or who have checked the “Bureau 42 Teaches” link on the right hand side of the web version of the site know that I used to teach random lessons in PDF format. I’m starting to adapt these lessons to YouTube, with the goal of adding more. The first, about finding the Greatest Common Factor with subtraction, is now live. You can also make requests in the comments here or on YouTube if there are specific topics you’d like to see me cover.