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Civil War Comic Rundown – “Civil War Battle Damage Report”

This comic will not be reviewed as promised because it’s not intended to tell a story. Instead, this is a “Handbook” of sorts, cataloging all characters involved in the Civil War in some way and their status. If you read Marvel and didn’t read the Civil War, pick this up to know where everyone stands. If you have questions about where characters stand, pick this up. If you don’t care about the Civil War and its repercussions, this will not change your mind. This is a “where are they now” deal.

Civil War Comic Review – “Captain America #25”

Let me summarize the following review for those who haven’t read the issue yet: 41 out of 42. Do yourself a favour; don’t read the review or the inevitable discussion until after you’ve read the issue. If you haven’t read it yet, know that Marvel prepared a massive overprint, and additional copies will ship on March 21. I’ll link the listing in that Weekly Comics Discussion back to this review so you’ll know when it’s out and will be able to join this discussion after you’ve read it.
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Civil War Comic Review – “Civil War #7”

I finally got my hands on this issue. To follow in the next week or so are reviews of “Captain America #25,” “Civil War: The Initiative,” “Amazing Spider-Man #533-538,” “Mighty Avengers #1,” “Civil War Frontline #1-11,” “Fantastic Four #538-543,” and “Black Panther #22-25.” “Civil War: The Confession” is also due this week, so I’ll have to fit that into the schedule as well. There will also be a review of a new TokyoPop novel on Tuesday, just to break up the Civil War content with something a little different.
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