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Civil War Series Review and Event Wrap Up

Well, it’s finally all said and done. All 7 issues of the main event, and all 104 issues of crossover events have now been published. This was the first time I picked up an entire event, and I’m doing it again for World War Hulk. Will I do it a third time? Probably not. I’ve uncovered a few gems I wouldn’t have otherwise tried (Cable/Deadpool, the revamped Thunderbolts) but the dreck outweighs the hidden treasure. After World War Hulk, it’s back to just getting the pieces that interest me the most. Read on for a review of issues 1-7 as a whole, and for a rundown of everything involved in the entire event, and my recommendations for which trades to pick up.
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Civil War Comic Review – “Ghost Rider #8-11”

The Civil War is almost complete. With three remaining issues of Fallen Son to come, and potentially more Moon Knight, the reviews are almost done. Next week should see the third chapter of Fallen Son and Moon Knight 10. The Moon Knight crossover was announced as issues 7-9, but those clearly don’t end the story. If the Casualties of War banner is still on issue 10, I’ll hold off on the review until it’s done. If the banner is dropped, I’ll review issues 7-9 next weekend.
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Civil War Comic Review – “Fallen Son – Wolverine”

I omitted a large portion of the title of this comic from the title of this article. Be warned that there’s just no way to discuss this title without spoiling Captain America #25. Heck, there’s no way to browse comic shelves the week this comes out without spoiling that issue. So, the body of this article will also spoil Captain America #25, as there’s just no sensible way to discuss this series without mentioning it. You’ve been warned.
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