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October Review: Dune (2021)

Fear is the mind-killer.

Okay, this one isn’t a horror movie (though it does feature some scary worms that tend to be a little on the large size). This October sees the release of the highly anticipated, third adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 SF classic.

The first adaptation (1984) featured spectacular production and design, but it lurched into incoherence.
The second (2000), a TV miniseries, stuck to the script, but production and performances were not consistently stellar.

Third time’s the charm?

UPDATE: It’s a go for Part Two!

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October Review: Vampire Circus (1972)

As the Hammer Age of Horror came crashing down, the studio became more inventive, bloody, and sexual, leaving a notorious but at least interesting body of work that captures the low-rent occult sensibilities peculiar to the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Perhaps the most interesting artifact is this bizarre but compelling cult film.

The cast includes David Prowse, who would gain fame as Darth Vader, Lalla Ward, who later accompanied the Fourth Doctor on and off-screen, Robin Sachs, accomplished actor who acquired numerous genre credits from Buffy1 to Galaxy Quest, Adrienne Corri, probably best-remembered for a minor role in A Clockwork Orange, and Skip Martin, who haunted the era’s low-budget horrors.

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October Review: Suspiria (2018)

“Why is everyone so ready to think the worst is over?”

It’s October of 2021, the Plague still stalks the land, some folk point to the Plague Doctors in fear and trembling, and our second October review looks at that frequently most-frightening of horror film phenomenon, the unasked-for remake.

Alex reviewed the original Suspiria in October of 2018, shortly before this remake was released. It’s more a re-envisioning, which won several awards, polarized critics, and largely failed at the box office.

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Movie Review: The Green Knight (2021)

Þis kyng lay at Camylot upon Kryst-masse,
With mony luflych lorde, ledes of þe best,
Rekenly of þe rounde table alle þo rich breþer,
With rych revel oryȝt, & rechles merþes.
But then this great green guy gate-crashes
(crazy pre-Christian Celtic character),
And feces would fain fall into fan
But fans haven’t been invented yet, yo.

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1949 – “Hamlet”

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Laurence Olivier produced Shakespeare’s Hamlet for audiences in 1948, with an all-star cast along for the ride and himself as lead actor, adaptation writer, and director.

Also, Trey promised to point people towards this episode of the Fire and Water podcast discussing The Treasure of Sierra Madre.

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