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Bureau 42 October Review – Hellraiser (1987)

Our first review has been mouldering for twenty five years, as Clive Barker made his name with Hellraiser.  Spawning nine sequels, a reboot due this week, a series in development, and multiple prose and graphic novels, Bureau 42 starts its reviews with the movie that started the crazy.  Does this puzzlebox leave us craving more and more?


If the review of an old style web page doesn’t sounds like the opinion you are looking for, you should also check in with Kris and Dave at The Nerd Byword.  Each year they feature a handful of horror movie’s for their Nerd Nightmare and horror enthusiast Dave makes self-admitted ‘fraidy-cat’ Kris watch and review.  Hellraiser’s episode drops October 3rd.

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October Reviews 2022

Once a year on a spooky night
It’s Hallowe’en, and what a fright!
Young boys and ghouls, in ghoulish disguise
They cover their skin, conceal their eyes
A grave mistake to be out
When the ghosts are about
It’s Hallowe’en… our time to be afraid!
– North American Halloween Prevention Inc.

October has arrived again, and we’re counting down to Halloween with our annual assortment of ghoulish grotesqueries. Some are shockingly brand new– while others have been mouldering in their graves a while, ready to creep out and bring screams to the screens once more.
Check out this year’s crop of nightmare offerings with Bureau 42’s October Reviews:
Oct. 1: Hellraiser (1987)
Oct. 2: Child’s Play (1988)
Oct. 8: X (2022)
Oct: 15: Werewolf by Night (2022)
Oct. 22: Howard’s Mill (2021)
Oct. 29: The Velvet Vampire (1971)
Oct. 31: Nope (2022) and The Munsters (2022)