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Disney Investor Day 2020 Announcements and Discussion

While I am not thrilled that a huge mega-corporation like Disney is announcing all of the news I am interested in as a way to reassure their benefactors that they will be making lots of money, I have chosen to view this as a wealthy patron of the arts talking about where they have spread their wealth rather than a greedy factory foreman talking about the products that they are churning out.  That said, if you are a fan of the Disney owned properties like Marvel and Star Wars, there was a lot of announcements, and here is a list of what you can anticipate for the next few years, not just the previously covered Fantastic news.  I hadn’t found a nice, easy to read list, so I figured I’d compile one, and throw in my own commentary.  Also, there’s a 90 second clip of Wonder Woman’s directory Patty Jenkins announcing one of the projects that I felt was best enjoyed without a setup, so watch that before reading more.  Please feel free to comment and add any more details, refute my statements, and/or join in my speculations.

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Movie Review: The Craft: Legacy

The Craft was a 90’s movie showing us the horror of what happens of teen girls misuse witchcraft.  Since Hollywood has run out of ideas, someone found this and decided to remake it with new kids.  The kids actually look like kids, (though admittedly it could be because I am an old man now.)  I went in fairly blind, so there were at least one or two surprised directions things went in for me.  Very little of the movie was original, but they were the expected twists from other types of movies rather than the standard “teen witches” twists.  That is to say, it wasn’t that things were surprising, it was surprising they were being done in The Craft.  Overall, what has Blumhouse conjured up?

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October Countdown: Color Out of Space (2019)

October has developed the name “Spooky Season” this year, but this movie, from a story who created an entire genre of horror goes beyond Spooky to horrifying.

A podcast was describing the acting of Nicholas Cage, and had mentioned this film.  During a discussion with some friends, it was mentioned that Color Out of Space was a Lovecraft story, and that was enough to peak my interest, as Lovecraft is a well respected figure in the horror genre, and I enjoy Nicholas Cage’s antics.  While I am not typically a horror movie fan, I wanted to give this one a shot, and as October is a month for it, we get a Bureau 42 review from it as well!


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