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Thoughts on the New 52 Wonder Woman

Longtime reader Chad pointed us to this essay, which discusses much of what has been happening with Wonder Woman in DC’s New 52 continuity. Be warned that this includes spoilers for the big finale of yesterday’s Justice League #12. Granted, the plot point spoiled was also spoiled by the cover of said issue, but it won’t be spoiled by me.

The New 52: Finding the Hooded Woman

Sharp eyes may have noticed something all 52 new titles from DC have in common: the Hooded Woman, who first appeared in Flashpoint #5 when the new history was formed, can be found somewhere in every title. Feel free to play “Where’s Waldo?” with the Hooded Woman on your own. Then come back here to find her in any issues you missed her in. While you are at it, feel free to speculate wildly as to who she is and what she means. There will be spoilers as I describe where to find her.

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