Thoughts on the New 52 Wonder Woman

Longtime reader Chad pointed us to this essay, which discusses much of what has been happening with Wonder Woman in DC’s New 52 continuity. Be warned that this includes spoilers for the big finale of yesterday’s Justice League #12. Granted, the plot point spoiled was also spoiled by the cover of said issue, but it won’t be spoiled by me.

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  1. Fascinating reading. I have no problem with the relationship, especially as it occurs (comparatively) early in their histories. I could see a lot of reasons why the two superstrong aliens (literally in one case, for all practical purposes in the other) would be drawn to each other, and it has story potential– especially if this doesn’t last.

    The revamping and “pinning down” (to paraphrase the essay) of Wonder Woman and the Amazons is far more problematic. These characters have had a certain symbolic resonance in the last century that no longer quite applies.

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