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2018 Reading Challenge

The last of our 2018 list challenges is now ready, and can be found here. Expect to see a link collecting all four lists on the sidebar by the end of the weekend, and monthly posts for people to talk about how they are doing on these challenges.

2018 Television Viewing Challenge

The 2018 Bureau 42 Television viewing challenge is ready, and can be found here. As before, you can only enter one complete set of responses but can edit past responses so you can check what’s going one and keep track of progress. Suggestions for 2019 versions are welcome and encouraged. This TV version has a much stronger sci-fi bent than the movie version.

2018 Movie Viewing Challenge

I was looking for a good movie viewing challenge for 2018, and couldn’t find any, so I made one. Anyone who wishes to participate may do so here. It requires Google account sign in, so that you can come back to it over the course of the year and change your answers to keep track of how you are doing. I intend to make one for TV series as well, after which I’ll create a permanent home for them in the right hand side bar.