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Anime Review – Urusei Yatsura: Season 1

So, next week is the week of March 15. In Japan, this is White Day, the companion holiday to Valentine’s Day. In Japan, on Valentine’s Day, the girls give the guys chocolate, and on White Day the guys reciprocate. Well, I’m kind of flipping that on its head. On Valentine’s Day I reviewed a romantic comedy created by a guy (Ah! My Goddess). For White Day, I review one created by a woman, and one that could not be more different than Ah! My Goddess. Continue reading →

Weekend Review – Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence

This weekend I review Mamoru Oshii’s second outing on Ghost In The Shell. Fizko reviewed the first movie, now it’s my turn with the second. Does this one address some of the problems with the characterization, if not the pacing of the first (though, I liked the pacing of the first, particularly some of the Blade Runner-esque shots of the city, but I digress). On with the review! Continue reading →

“Halo Legends” Announced at Comic-Con

Microsoft announced it’s new anime project, Halo Legends, at the San Diego Comic Con today. The project, a direct-to-video series of anime shorts in the vein of Batman: Gotham Knight, and the Animatrix. The studios attached to the project include Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Black Lagoon), Studio 4°C (Tekkonkinkreet, Spriggan), BONES (Fullmetal Alchemist, Wolf’s Rain), Casio Entertainment, & Toei (Harlock ’78, Sailor Moon, Galaxy Express 999) – with Toei’s installment being non-canon, the rest being within canon. Continue reading →

Weekend Review – Patlabor The Movie 2

This weekend’s review, takes us out of the Patlabor TV continuity, and back to the OVA continuity, with a sequel to the first movie, set several years later, and also puts the franchise back in the hands of Oshii, who brought this movie out before Ghost In The Shell, but after the creation of his (in)famous Jin-Roh franchise, and his first live-action film, which was also in the Jin-Roh series. Can he bring the funny back, or will we start seeing some of the humor-less tone of his later works? Continue reading →