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Anton Yelchin, Dead at 27

Anton Yelchin2016 has claimed another well-loved actor. A tragic accident has taken the life of Anton Yelchin, best known as the new Chekov in the post-2009 Star Trek films. He plays the role a third time in next month’s Star Trek: Beyond.

It’s sad to see a promising actor cut down so young. If you haven’t seen him in his other non-Star Trek works, I highly recommend Charlie Bartlett and Odd Thomas.

Yelchin was killed when his car rolled into him. The vehicle in question may have been the subject of Jeep’s recall.

A Quick PSA: Please, please, please set your parking brake whenever you leave your car. Just get into the habit. Do not rely on your transmission or flat ground to keep your vehicle from rolling away on you. Continue reading →

RIP Wes Craven, Master of Horror

Wes_CravenOne of the most influential people in horror is now gone. Director and writer Wes Craven died on August 30, 2015 from brain cancer.

The genesis of many a sleepless night, Craven was the man behind the original Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream series.

Rest in Peace, Wes.

No really, I mean that.

RIP James Horner, Composer

James HornerJames Horner, one of the most prolific film composers died in a plane crash yesterday at the age of 61. His credits are too numerous to list here, but he has been a major fixture in genre films for decades. He scored two Star Trek films (II and III), was a frequent collaborator with James Cameron (Aliens, Titanic, Avatar), and scored many of the Don Bluth animated films (An American Tale, The Land Before Time, etc).

Horner was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won twice (both for Titanic, Best Score and Best Song). How influential is he? He was the 35th person added to the IMDB database back in the 90’s and his score for Titanic is the best selling orchestral film soundtrack of all time.

Some of James Horner’s work sampled below.

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RIP Leonard Nimoy, Sci-Fi Legend

mr-spock_73706_topAt the age of 83, Leonard Nimoy has passed away from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

I am, frankly, bereft of words at this moment. And I think our readers here know who he was and what his accomplishments were. Please share your thoughts down below. I may have something more coherent later today.

Mr. Nimoy, you did live long and you did prosper. Thank you for everything you did for us fans.

You will be missed, but never forgotten.

Here’s his final message on Twitter:

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Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space, Dead at 61

A true American pioneer, Sally Ride has passed away at age 61 after a 17 month battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

Flying aboard the Challenger in 1983, she made US history. She flew again on the same shuttle a year later. A physist as well as an astronaut, she helped design the robotic arm that made the shuttles (and later the ISS) so versatile and successful.

She also served on the two review boards overseeing the destruction of the Challenger and the Columbia.

The End of an Era – Atlantis Safely Back on Earth

“After serving the world for over 30 years, the space shuttle’s earned its place in history. And it’s come to a final stop.”

In the pre-dawn hours in Florida, the Space Shuttle Atlantis came to a stop, ending a 30-year era of space travel for the United States.

The crew of four ended their historic mission forty-two years and one day after we first set foot on the moon.

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Actor Michael Gough Dies at Age 94

After a long and very active career, Michael Gough has passed away.

This crowd probably knows him best as Alfred Pennyworth from the Tim Burton era Batman films. Don’t hold that against him, he was probably the single best part of the films, bringing dignity and a little humor to the role.

Gough would go on to star in other Burton productions, including Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride, and last year’s Alice in Wonderland.

In 1979 he won a Tony Award for Best Actor (Feature Role – Play) for “Bedroom Farce.” He was nominated again for the same category in 1988 for his role in “Breaking the Code.”