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Weekend Review – Heavy Metal 2000

I’ve come to realize that I haven’t deliberatly reviewed anything that was widly considered to be a “bad” film after a while. As someone who has seen most of the first movie, and listened to the soundtrack (and heard good things about the magazine), I have decided to give Heavy Metal 2000 a try. Is it your one-way ticket to midnight, or does it take you someplace worse? Continue reading →

Weekend Review – Patlabor The Movie 3: WXIII

We now come to the final installment (thus far) of the Patlabor Franchise – WXIII, set between the first two movies, in OVA continuity, but featuring little-to-no-members of the original cast, and with a new director for the franchise, and a new writer for the franchise, and a focus on the detective side of the equasion, rather then the giant-robot side. Does it still work, or not so much?  Continue reading →

Weekend Review – Patlabor The Movie 2

This weekend’s review, takes us out of the Patlabor TV continuity, and back to the OVA continuity, with a sequel to the first movie, set several years later, and also puts the franchise back in the hands of Oshii, who brought this movie out before Ghost In The Shell, but after the creation of his (in)famous Jin-Roh franchise, and his first live-action film, which was also in the Jin-Roh series. Can he bring the funny back, or will we start seeing some of the humor-less tone of his later works? Continue reading →

Weekend Review – Dragonball: Evolution

Well, I’m reviewing a new release for once. While it’s still in theaters even. The live-action adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s classic anime and manga Dragonball is now in theaters, will this be better than the last adaptation of Dragonball? Will it better than the live-action adaptation of Fist Of The North Star? Or will this be one really big stinkburger.

Continue reading →