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Weekend Review – Silent Mobius (TV)

This time I’ve got a review for you of the anime that made Kia Asamiya famous, (at which point you go “Who?”) or at least got him his brief runs on an X-Men title, as well as getting DC to give him permission to write “Batman: Child of Dreams” – which in turn made it back to the US with an English script by Max Allen Collins (which is a review for another time). Anyway – Silent Mobius – is it good, bad or ugly? Continue reading →

Weekend Review – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This weekend we have a review of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I’ve previously reviewed the first novel in the series, and the english translation of the  second novel will be coming out later this year. The series is currently re-airing on Japanese TV, with the second season of episodes being inter-spersed in the series. So, before the new season is licensed for US release (it’s still airing on Japanese TV, having finally gotten out of the Endless Eight arc) we’ll be getting ready with the first season of the show. Continue reading →

Weekend Review – Harlock Saga

For this week’s review, we’re going to move on to one of the few Harlock series to have ever been licensed for a US release and to reach DVD – Leiji Masumoto’s amalgamation of one of his more popular characters (Captain Harlock), and Wagner’s “Ring Cycle”. Do they mix like chocolate and peanut butter… or chocolate and zucchini? Continue reading →