NASA remains in business, Neanderthal sex gets reconsidered, a new view of life on Mars, a very tiny motor, and more, including a lot of cool video.

Cutbacks notwithstanding, NASA remains in business, and later this week they’ll launch twin moon probes.

Mars may be dead, but will future Martian rovers bring bacterial life to the red planet?

Perhaps homo sapiens and Neanderthals didn’t interbreed, after all, as was widely reported earlier this year.

The world smallest motor is a molecule-size motor. Presumably, it powered the last loaner car I had.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Michael Chabon will be writing a children’s book about an awesome new superhero.

It’s too late to see the posting, since removed, of all three Star Wars films running simultaneously, but Red Letter Media has this Lucas-baiting offering from ComicCon:

This year’s Burning Man has its share of SF-influenced contraptions and displays, including a steam(?)punk octopus:

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