We’ve got a Mars rocket in the news, discoveries in space, a rare find in Britain, dinosaur feathers in Canada, and some real-world Frankenscience in Glasgow.

NASA plans to go to Mars in, well, likely our lifetimes. Articles about the proposed Mars rocket appear here and here.

The Space Station crew return; the next crew will launch November 14. Clearly, we have a space-horror flick in the works on that lonely satellite.

Reports of extrasolar worlds just rolling in. Inhabitable moons of gas giants are a possibility, and a planet in binary system has been confirmed:

Informally, astronomers are calling the world “Tatooine.”

Meanwhile, on Earth– Glasgow, to be specific– researchers have taken the first steps, they say, towards creating “life” from inorganic chemicals, a 5-year-old kid in Britain digs a rare fossil, and amber preserves dinosaur feathers in Canada: