This week we have a possible explanation for the Fermi Paradox, a lot of smart people claiming the universe is, indeed, stranger than we imagine (it’s not just the OPERA Particle Detector that’s challenging our understanding of things)1, and an epic battle of memes.

An Oxford physicist argues that the universe expands and contracts in cycles.

From Cambridge, we have a possible answer to The Fermi Paradox and the Great Silence

Newer theories suggest that Dark Matter and the Accerating universe may be misperceptions. weighs the benefits of cooperating with China’s space program

Newer types of computer memory may work faster and use less energy. No estimates on how far away we may be from species replacement.

Mad presents ThunderLolCats!

1. Google currently lists nearly half a million “Fat Lady Singing” gags made in connection with the OPERA Particle Detector, and counting.