It’s been a good week for killing dictators, but not the best for Newspace stuff. Nevertheless, we have a falling satellite, a camera that lets you focus after taking the picture, new allegations against Facebook– and space discoveries, pop culture whines, and a youtube shout-out.

A new camera will let you focus after you’ve snapped the pictures.

We know Facebook keeps massive amounts of data on its users. According to a student from Vienna, it may also be keeping detailed “Shadow Profiles” of non users.

More space junk hits the earth, likely hitting either the Bay of Bengal or somewhere in southeast Asia today.

A Star Wars producers shares negative opinions on the prequels.

One of the papers presented last week at Signposts of Planets conference at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center describes a large-planet-sized object with possible shirt-sleeve surface temperatures.

Rock music”s most famous space-ace complains about his bandmates in his soon-to-be-released bio.

You want video? Occupy Mars!

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