Fringe Discussion: “And Those We’ve Left Behind”

An electrical engineer and his wife, a professor of theoretical physics, are involved in a series of fatal time loop anomalies.

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  1. If Walter hadn’t lived in that house since before he was at St Clair’s, why did it have an LCD TV in it?

    • At first I questioned that as well, but then Fringe has always had a knack for doing such things on purpose. Perhaps in this timeline, they were invented much sooner for whatever reason, or maybe Broyles had it put there to make Peter more “comfortable” as he said. (Though in that case I’m not sure why it was covered up…)

      Still, on a show that is rife with subtle (and not so subtle) differences in timeline progress between universes, they can get away with pretty much anything by lampshading it with some event in that specific timeline.

  2. I saw some strong parallels with Stargate SG-1’s episode Window of Opportunity here (one of my all-time favorite episodes), but not enough to call it a rip-off. Overall it was enjoyable, as pretty much anything involving Stephen Root tends to be. I was hoping to see a bit more of the skipping around, but I’m not surprised it only happened to Peter…

    Though another interesting take on it would have been if the “harness” (Not sure how that worked as a Faraday cage…) had never worked at all and Peter was immune to the effects of the machine inside. Something as subtle as discovering a cut/frayed/unplugged wire after his fall would have been enough.

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