Weekly Digital Disc Picks – November 8, 2011

The biggest release of the week actually comes out on Friday, November 11. There is also a considerable volume of legacy titles hitting Blu-Ray on Tuesday, presumably so that the parents and grandparents who come looking for Harry Potter see one of their favorites right next to it in the new release racks.

Title Available Formats
A Better Tomorrow
Alex: Korean re-make of the John Woo classic film, except with gun-running instead of counterfiting (which means we’re not going to get that classic image of “Brother” Mark lighting a cigarette with a burning counterfeit dollar.)
Executive Decision
Mortal Kombat: Legacy
Alex: This is the live-action web series providing an grittier, more gruesome take on the franchise than we’ve previously seen in live-action.
Clannad: Complete Collection
Darker Than Black: Season 2 With OVAs
Dragon Ball Z – Level 1.1
Contains episodes 1-17
Fist of the North Star TV – Box Set 4
Contains episodes 110-152
Initial D: Second and Third Stage SAVE
Mushishi SAVE Edition
Professor Layton & The Eternal Diva
The first anime based on the popular Professor Leyton video games.
Romeo X Juliet SAVE Edition
Squid Girl Season 1 Part 2
Art House
Blue Velvet
Fanny and Alexander (Criterion Collection)
Gia (Unrated)
Classics (Cult)
Destroy All Monsters
Classics (Traditional)
Mutiny on the Bounty
The Cannonball Run
The Change-Up
The Fisher King
To Die For
Great Directors
A documentary about Bernardo Bertolucci, David Lynch, Todd Haynes, Richard Linklater, Stephen Frears, Agnes Varda, Ken Loach, Liliana Cavani and Catherine Breillat.
Absence of Malice
Atlas Shrugged Part 1
Law and Order: The Complete Series
  • DVD/Blu-Ray/3D Blu-Ray/Digital combo: Amazon
Chicken Little
  • DVD/Blu-Ray/3D Blu-Ray combo: Amazon
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
  • DVD/Digital combo: Amazon
  • Blu-Ray/Digital Combo: Amazon
  • DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital combo: Amazon
Harry Potter: The Complete Collection
Meet the Robinsons
  • DVD/Blu-Ray/3D Blu-Ray combo: Amazon
Blaine: This was actually quite enjoyable.
Mr. Magoo: The Television Collection, 1960-1977
Halloween: H2O / Halloween: Resurrection
Music / Musical
The videos from Weird Al Yankovic’s latest album.
Science Fiction
Doctor Who: Colony in Space (Story 58)
With Jon Pertwee
Doctor Who: The Sixth Series – Part Two
The complete sixth season comes out on November 22, so if you’ve been waiting to get it in one set, that’s still coming.
Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure
Blaine: How did they get John Cleese, Tom Arnold and Robert Picardo to make this?
Urban Wrestling Federation: First Blood
Alex: Basically this is an indy wrestling promotion made up entirely of wrestlers with “gangsta” gimmicks, like Homicide. They have not yet hired New Jack, either by a sudden outbreak of good sense (not taste, sense), because even New Jack has standards, or because New Jack has achived the miraculous feat of pissing off everyone in the wrestling industry.
Von Erich Story: World Class Championship Wrestling
Alex: While this doesn’t say explictly, I suspect that is a re-release of the documentary “Heroes of World Class”, about the rise and fall of the Texas wrestling promotion, World Class Championship Wrestling.
The Collector
The Great Alfred Hitchcock Movie Box Set
Blaine: These are old titles. Includes The Farmer’s Wife and Easy Virtue, which are readily available elsewhere. It also includes The Pleasure Garden, which I have never seen on DVD before and is one of the (very few) Hitchcock films I don’t own.
Band of Brothers / The Pacific (Special Edition Gift Set)
Little Big Man
One Eyed Jacks

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “This is not a great week this week. That said, the Professer Layton movie has my interest piqued, and on the live-action front I’ve heard enough good things about Mortal Kombat: Legacy to want to give that a try.” Blaine says, “It’s hard to say no to Harry Potter.”

3 replies on “Weekly Digital Disc Picks – November 8, 2011”

  1. I hereby say “No” to Harry Potter in any and all incarnations. See? That wasn’t hard at all (;

  2. I’m looking forward to Atlas Shrugged. I’ve read it finally, along with a couple of other Ayn Rand novels, and frankly I was amazed at how close to the mark her stories have come to the reality of today. The Gary Cooper version of ‘The Fountainhead’ was mere lip service to the original material, but this is an Indoe film intended to kick off a LOTR-like series of films.
    If you have never read Ayn Rand, you really should, but if you’re not a big reader, you should probably put this movie on your queue. I’ve had it on pre0order for a couple of months.
    Aside from that, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific’, although I would have liked a little more depth from the latter. Neither of these would be a bad choice for a stocking stuffer.

  3. Executive Decision – Stephen Segal’s best role ever.

    Professor Layton & The Eternal Diva – I love the games, deep in the middle of the most recent one now. Will definitely see this somehow, but it’s not on Blockbuster. I have no idea how well it will translate to a movie form, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    Gia – I remember watching this on HBO when it first premiered and liking it up until the end. Though I don’t recall if that was more because of how it was made or the content. (It’s not exactly an inspiring tale…)

    Harry Potter – Definitely buying it, may spring for the full Blu-Ray set since I only have one of them in Blu-Ray at the moment.

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