Once Upon a Time Discussion: “Snow Falls”

Due to a busy schedule, I won’t be reviewing this episode, but I’ll offer some comments and host discussion.

This week, we see a revisionist version of how Snow White and Prince charming met, one as contemporary as the characters’ make-up and hair. We also get bad make-up for trolls, more plotting from the queen, and the strongest parallel plots to date.

Did it work for the Bureau?

And I’d like to offer a future guest-review to Kiersten, who offers a “mother and child” perspective that might suit this show’s sensibility.

What sayst thou?

11 replies on “Once Upon a Time Discussion: “Snow Falls””

  1. How well this episode and the ones before really work will depend heavily on how the next few play out. We still don’t have quite enough information on the back story to know if everything is going to gel or not.

    It is interesting to see the revisionist takes on the various story arcs though. It seems to me the “true” stories have a much grittier and more real world feel to them.

  2. I’m really liking this show so far. I really do like the pace, even though its moving pretty fast. I actually hope that if they get to the end of the story, they actually end the show. Its ok to do that, in fact I think it could make this show special.

    • That’s exactly how I feel. I would have for everything to get drawn out just to make it last longer.

      If, by the end of the first season, no one realizes who they truly are, I may have to reconsider my enjoyment level. I hate it when I am left unsatisfied with progression of a story…

  3. I’ll give it a try!! :)
    Thanks for your vote of confidence! *grin*

    Meanwhile, my son and I got into an argument about the identity of the “wife” at the hospital at the end. She’s the same one from the carriage, right?

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