The crew of the model Mars Mission “return” after 520 days in isolation, the Chinese set up space-mail, a prominent social scientist admits to falsifying multiple studies, a timeline for artificial intelligence, an asteroid approaches close to earth, some awesome video for Doctor Who fans, and more:

The faux Mars mission crew “returns” after 520 in isolation, simulating the time of a journey to the red planet. Details may be found here and here.

They appear to be psychologically healthy, and expressed refreshingly no interest in either Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.

The Chinese, meanwhile, have set up astro-e-mail.

And, as most of you have likely heard, a largish asteroid will be passing close to earth next week.

Diederik Stapel, prominent social psychologist, throws the field into confusion after confessing to fabricating and falsifying data for years.

We’ve got the start of some potentially groundbreaking look into Morpheus’s realm.

And we have a possible evolutionary timeline for artificial intelligence.

In video, Doctor Who cast and crew cut up:

And some more hidden Who: